Dec 13, 2023 | Neurodiversity

Holiday Gift Guide for Neurodiverse Adults


Get your pens and paper ready! The Candor team has put together a list of gift ideas for the neurodiverse adult in your life. From auditory and sensory to weighted options, we have created a list we hope you will find helpful in your gift giving this holiday season.  

We want to emphasize that this is not an extensive list and won’t cover all the complexities and needs of the neurodiverse community. However, we hope it can give you an idea of where to start, and what we find beneficial in our own lives. 

Auditory sensory 

We couldn’t make a gift guide without mentioning one of our favourite products, Loop Earplugs. Available in several options to accommodate the needs of anyone on your gift list. 

  •  Quiet earplugs are ideal for sleep and focus. 
  •  Experience – a great option for focus, music, or events. 
  •  Engage earplugs are fantastic for social gatherings, conversations, or parenting. 
  •  Switch combines all three styles into one! 

 We also have a code for 15% off, should you choose to give these to a friend or family member this season. 

Many neurodiverse individuals benefit from white or brown noise to help with concentration and over or under stimulation.  

“White noise encompasses sound from the complete spectrum. Brown noise consists of only low frequency sound, giving it more bass-heavy notes.”


Sound-cancelling headphones or a noise-making machine could make a great gift depending on the individual. 

Touch sensory 

To make your gift-hunting a bit easier, we have rounded up our top picks for touch sensory (“with ADHD, touch can be a major component of self-regulation, which is the process of managing one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in relation to the demands of the situation” –Philadelphia Integrative Psychiatry)

A great way to test out a variety of fidgets is to consider a Fidget Advent Calendar. Plus, it would also make a great gift for your neurodivergent loved ones. 

Weighted products  

Weighted blankets and other weighted products have significant impact on neurodiverse individuals. According to Healthline, the deep pressure stimulation can help relax the nervous system and can help relieve pain, reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and reduce depression symptoms. Other items that can have a similar impact include: 

Tech ideas 

Here are some gift suggestions for the tech lover in your life: 

Need a few more? How about these:  

As we have previously discussed, this list does not cater to every need of neurodivergent individuals. We hope this list serves as both a guide and as insight into the unique qualities of neurodivergent individuals in your life. 

Be sure to come back next week to see our holiday gift guide for neurodiverse kids! 

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