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Join Candor Diversity Group at one of our upcoming events dedicated to providing neurodiversity education. Discover the richness and diversity within the human mind as we explore various types of neurodiversity and discuss strategies for fostering inclusive work environments.


Whether you’re interested in learning more about different cognitive styles, advocating for neurodiverse individuals, or implementing inclusive practices in your workplace, our events offer invaluable insights and practical knowledge.




Sawmill Edmonton
South Entrance,
Downstairs Banquet Room

4810 Calgary Trail NW,
Edmonton, AB
T6H 5H5


$60 + GST

In-person Training


Presentation: 8-9
Question/Networking: 9-9:30

Overwhelmed or Overstimulated?

Wednesday, July 24th, 2024 | 7:30am – 9:30am

How to better understand & support team members struggling with procrastination, overtime & anxiety.
This breakfast seminar will provide a behaviorally based perspective on those who are chronically overwhelmed, short on time or always seem to be struggling.
Presented by a Neurodivergent facilitator with lived experience, attendees will learn the science behind dysregulation, how it impacts Neurodivergent and Neurotypical brains, and tools/language to use in the workplace to make a real difference for your team.

Past Events

Disrupt HR 11.0

Wednesday, May 29th, 2024 | Cineplex Odeon Windermere Cinemas and VIP

“Why can’t I stop saying “YES” – Undiagnosed Adult ADHD & Neurodiversity”

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