Jul 5, 2023 | Neurodiversity

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The Importance of Neurodiverse Teams


Inclusivity and building a workplace that supports and encourages the power of different perspectives and abilities is something that all organizations should strive for. By embracing the unique strengths and talents of neurodiverse individuals, you can build teams that will achieve success through innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. 

Advantages of building Neurodiverse Teams 

There are many different reasons why a neurodiverse team is beneficial to your business. Let’s discuss some top advantages: 

Unique perspectives 

We all benefit from different views and opinions. Neurodivergent employees can bring a vast range of perspectives, which are often shaped by their unique thinking as well as their firsthand experiences. These viewpoints can harness heightened problem solving, offer innovative solutions and the ability to approach situations from different angles.  

Complementary skills 

Neurodivergent individuals often have specialized skills or talents that can add value to the success of your business. They can have higher than average abilities as stated by Harvard Business Review, “research shows that some conditions, including autism and dyslexia, can bestow special skills in pattern recognition, memory, or mathematics.” Creating diverse teams can offer organizations the opportunity to leverage these unique abilities and create a well-rounded and skilled workplace. 

Creativity and innovation 

As mentioned above, unique thinking patterns, that others may not recognise, offered by neurodivergent team members can provide solutions and innovations that may not be acknowledged by others. This can result in new ideas, unconventional solutions, and enhanced productivity that will benefit the entire team. Their unique approach can also help educate and inspire others, unlocking talents and skills from neurotypical counterparts. 

By embracing the unique strengths and talents of neurodiverse individuals, you can build teams that will achieve success through innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. 

Tips to Foster Collaboration and Inclusion  

There are several strategies businesses can consider for building a workplace that encourages collaboration and inclusion: 

Team building activities 

To build a strong team, it is important for all individuals to feel heard, included, and supported. Therefore, team building activities can be an effective way to encourage communication, trust, and understanding. In participating in these activities, employees can learn to work through differences, harness a better understanding of one another and effectively promote collaboration and creativity. 

Encourage communication 

Communication is the key to success for any organization. Be sure to create a workplace where everyone has a clear understanding of communication channels, and that all team members feel safe to express their thoughts and ideas free of judgement. This can be done by encouraging listening to all team members, open dialogue, and respect for the wide variety of communication styles and preferences.  

Recognize strengths  

It is important to understand and recognize the unique talents neurodivergent team members possess, and where to harness those skills effectively. Therefore, give tasks and projects that complement their strengths and interests. By doing this, you will foster success and allow neurodivergent individuals to do their best work, which will encourage job satisfaction. Be sure to provide clear instructions, and expectations when work is assigned to ensure everyone understands their role and responsibilities. 

Provide support 

To truly build a collaborative and inclusive workplace, it is important to offer resources, education, and training to employees. This will further promote understanding, respect, and support. You may also want to seek out mentors or one on one support to workers who may require help in navigating certain situations, offer clarification, and help encourage professional growth.  

Building a team with unique talents, perspectives, and experiences will benefit your organization. By embracing neurodiversity, you create an environment that utilizes the skills of all team members, resulting in the success of all employees.

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