Nov 15, 2023 | Neurodiversity

The Importance of Neurodivergent Training in the Workplace


Did you know? 15-20% of the population is believed to be neurodivergent, yet only 10% of businesses admit to making accommodations to support these individuals. This results in 90% of organizations increasing their costs due to absences, turnover, or lack of productivity. 

It is critical to your business to empower leadership, and staff, by offering neurodiversity training to establish an inclusive working environment and improving your return on investment. 

70% of neurodivergent employees experience chronic physical or mental health issues, yet only 1 in 10 HR professionals affirm that their organization has actively embraced neurodiversity in the workplace. 

As members of the Neurodivergent (ND) community, Candor Disability Group is all too familiar with the difficulties in having to perform neurotypically to survive the workplace. 

There are many significant benefits to building a neurodiverse team in the workplace. In creating an environment that is inclusive and accommodates their needs you can: 

  • Expand your candidate pool 
  • Improve innovation and creativity 
  • Enhance problem solving skills 
  • Lead to smarter decision making 
  • Increase productivity and performance  
  • Reinforce trust and company culture 
  • Increase employee retention 

“Because neurodiverse people are wired differently from “neurotypical” people, they may bring new perspectives to a company’s efforts to create or recognize value.” –Harvard Business Review 

Types of Training Offered 

Our experience shows there is an enormous knowledge gap in neurodiversity awareness and accommodation training within the workforce. Those who are ND rarely feel safe discussing the challenges they face. Due to constant masking, they can experience serious health consequences, which in turn can be felt by the company. 

This led our drive to develop a fully customized system to enrich the lives of neurodivergent individuals in the workforce while also understanding that businesses require an overall financial return. 

Neurodiversity training programs help organizations attract, hire, and retain talent that thinks differently. This training is highly beneficial because it educates employees and management about neurodiversity at work and how to create a more accepting, inclusive work environment so all members of the company can thrive. 

These programs also provide management and HR recruiters with tactical training in hiring neurodiverse individuals. 

Our training includes: 

  • In-person training 
  • Virtual training 
  • Subscription-based video training 
  • Custom programs 

Harvard Medical School offers some small, but significant ways in which organizations can help accommodate neurodiverse employees: 

  • Offer accommodations to cater sensory needs 
  • Use a clear communication, both verbal and written 
  • Make sure workplace etiquette guidelines are clear 
  • Give advance notice about any change of plans 
  • Communicate and adapt to an employee’s individual needs and goals 
  • Always be kind, respectful and patient 

Our team would love the opportunity to work with you, and your organization to help make your workplace more inclusive. Making the necessary changes and accommodations will benefit your employee’s mental health, while enforcing a positive work environment that fosters productivity and engagement. 

There are many unique traits and characteristics that neurodiverse individuals bring to the workplace. It is important for companies and organizations to embrace these qualities and recognize the value they offer. Contact the Candor Team today, and let’s get started! 

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