Apr 5, 2023 | Mental Health

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Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace


While many physical workplace injuries are accidents without underlying causes, mental health claims related to workplace stressors are becoming more common every year. In addition, we’re seeing many physical claims being exacerbated due to pre-existing mental health concerns. 

This is why it is imperative for employers to learn more about early warning signs, to have a proactive approach to mental health, and educate themselves on how to better accommodate employees. 

Today, we would like to discuss a few ways in which you can better support mental health in the workplace. 


Communication is key in all aspects of a positive workplace, but even more so when it comes to supporting mental health efforts. Talk openly about mental health, have discussions related to how your organization and your managers support these efforts, provide a safe space for employees to voice their struggles, and make resources readily available when needed.  

Modeling positive behaviours and attitudes from those in higher positions will allow other employees to feel like they are seen and heard. Set the example for the workplace, and people are more likely to follow. Some suggestions on how to do this includes: support worthwhile causes, participate in mental health initiatives, and encourage employees to do the same. 

Be Flexible and Accommodating 

Patience and understanding goes a long way. If you have open communication and healthy conversations regarding mental health, you will be better equipped to be both flexible and accommodating to your employees as needed.  

It is important not to assume what the individual requires in terms of support, so ask what they need and how you can best support them. Every person is different, as is every situation. Therefore, it is key to remember what works for one person, may not work for another.  

Create a workplace that accommodates those who need it and educate your employees, so they are more willing to support these accommodations without question. The way in which flexibility and accommodation is viewed within the workplace culture is extremely important and plays a large role in supporting mental health efforts in the office. 

Review policies and procedures 

Be clear of what is expected of employees and what they should expect from you. If you have clear policies and procedures in place to support mental health, it will make it much easier for individuals to access this information, and also to have a clear understanding of proper protocols. This also eliminates any unknowns, which can often further compound stress, anxiety or depression.  

Employee burnout is another issue within the workplace, which can lead to further mental health issues. Therefore, it is important to ensure employees are taking allotted breaks, utilizing time off, and working during expected hours.  

Why should we take the mental health of employees seriously? Creating a positive workplace plays an essential role in early intervention and the prevention of disability claims. By treating problematic issues, you can improve productivity, limit costs and risk, reduce claims if they do occur, and engage your employees. 

If you have questions about supporting mental health in your workplace, we would love to hear from you. Contact our team today! 

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