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Working with Candor Disability Group


We often get asked what it is like working with Candor Disability Group, and since this is our first blog, we thought we would take some time to talk about what that looks like. When you work with our team, we strive for transparency, honesty, and open communication.   

Let’s discuss in further detail.  

Candor Disability Group provides disability management, and we operate our business following the same values we believe in personally – clear expectations, social responsibility and equal voice for everyone regardless of neurodivergences. Our scope is national, helping manage WCB claims support for employers and serve organizations across the country (excluding Quebec). We promise to always be realistic and provide as much education as possible to our clients.  

In many instances, organizations do not have the resources, or training, to handle WCB claims. This is where our team excels. Whether you are a small, medium sized or large company, we have the expertise to assist you. We often hear that companies simply don’t have the time to deal with these claims – we do!   

We provide assistance with:  

  • Education  
  • Administrative work  
  • Communication with WCB (both written and verbal)  
  • Helping you understand how to navigate the WCB claims system  
  • Manage employees back to work safely and quickly 
  • Early intervention  
  • Workplace wellness  

With legislation, rules and guidelines evolving quickly, its difficult for business owners and their teams to stay current. Luckily for you, it’s what we do. Our certified disability consultants keep updated on provincial WCB regulations across Canada, ensuring our clients get the facts.  

You can count on the team at Candor Disability Group!   

One of our core values is reliability. When we say we will do something, we will. We pride ourselves on honesty from the very start. We not only educate your team on the facts, but we help you understand how the system works, which gives our clients insight and a better realization of the work it takes to solve certain problems. We understand the value of time, and we dedicate ourselves to helping our clients in a timely fashion. Ultimately, we focus on ability rather than disability (stay tuned for our upcoming blog on this topic!) which means we learn what your team excels at and free up their time to focus on those items.  

How often have you worked with a disability management group and felt like another number? You won’t get that when you work with us. We want our clients to feel heard, and we will always listen to your situation, and provide available options and solutions.  

We know that disability claims can be challenging, so let us help. If you have questions or would like to chat with us further, please give us a call

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