Workers’ Compensation Claims Management for Employers

Are you paying a fair price for WCB premiums?

As part of our disability management program, Candor Diversity Group works with small and medium-sized businesses who may not have dedicated and experienced resources for the more complex WCB matters that arise.

Empower your employees to recover and return to work successfully

WCB Claim Cost Management and Support

In 2020, the AWCBC reported over 250,000 lost-time injuries across Canada, with Alberta provincial occupational injury and illness claims totaling over $340 million dollars.

These numbers are rising and managing these claims internally can be both frustrating and time consuming. With so many moving parts when it comes to Workers Compensation policies, we understand that many businesses don’t have the resources to ensure employee claims are handled appropriately, quickly, and with an eye on cost and time loss management. This is where Candor Diversity Group can help.

We provide you with our knowledge and expertise by:


Handling all communication with WCB


Speaking directly with medical providers about return to work


Actively working with WCB to keep them on track


Providing you with a business case pro/con model for decisions that need to be made on claims


Designing, obtaining medical approval, and implementing gradual return to work plans

WCB Claims Management Services

Cost relief recovery

Cost Relief Recovery

Cost Relief can often be applied on claims where a pre-existing condition, such as a prior back surgery impacting a back strain claim, has prolonged recovery and increased costs. Every province has different rules for this, and we’re experienced with cost relief applications in all jurisdictions.
Claim appeal management services

Claim Appeal Management

When disputes arise, it’s imperative to act quickly. We understand what Workers’ Compensation Board looks for when making decisions and can offer advice up to full appeal management for any WCB claim. Appeals take a significant amount of time and expertise that many companies don’t have on their team – let us assist with these hurdles so your team can focus on running the business.
Get advice on short term disability claims

Advice on Short-Term Disability Claims

While most short-term disability claims are straightforward, some can be more complex and require additional assistance. While we do not offer STD adjudication services, our team has experience reviewing and providing our professional opinion and/or advice on any existing claim – think of us as third party auditors for any claim you have concerns with.

National support

Candor Diversity Group has experience managing claims with provincial Workers’ Compensation Boards across Canada.

Let us handle your WCB claims

WorkSafe BC

WCB Alberta

WCB Sask

WCB Manitoba

WSIB Ontario

WorkSafe NB

Workplace NL

WCB Nova Scotia


Full disability auditing services

Disability Program Design & Support

WCB Disability Program Audits

Audits are one of the most comprehensive reviews of your program that are available, encompassing all aspects and stakeholders. Documentation, policies, training programs, stakeholder and claimant interviews, and actual results are all reviewed. The intent here is provide your team with a comprehensive & relatable report that outlines any potential issues discovered, along with possible solutions. Once the audit is complete, Candor Diversity Group can also assist with implementation of solutions that make sense for your business.

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Early Intervention Programs

Early intervention is about more than responding quickly to a claim, it’s also about identifying and alleviating factors that prolong claims.

We’re very focused on immediate involvement when an injury occurs, as setting timely and clear expectations with both your team and your employee make everyone’s life easier. However, early intervention should also delve into helping companies design and implement programs to identify risk factors that may prolong injuries before an incident even occurs.

A struggling employment relationship prior to an injury is, in our experience, the single most powerful predictor of a claim going off the rails – let Candor Diversity Group help your team solve those problems before they go bad.

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