Mar 13, 2024 | Neurodiversity

Tips to Help Neurodivergent Employees Manage Expectations at Work


Managing expectations at work can be a juggling act for all employees, and neurodivergent individuals can have an even more tremendous feat to tackle. Whether it be setting healthy boundaries, managing time, or establishing clear expectations, there are several challenges along the way. However, there are ways to help employees mitigate work stress. Today, we will discuss a few ways that can help you and your neurodivergent employees. 

Provide accommodations 

To be an inclusive employer, it is vital to provide appropriate accommodation for all employees. By demonstrating that you are accepting and accommodating to all, you create a space where neurodivergent individuals feel safe and comfortable in speaking up about their specific needs.  

Work together to understand what is required for a productive environment, tailored to their needs. Since every individual is different, each situation will be too. Therefore, don’t assume what works for one, will work for another. 

Communicate effectively 

Communication is key in any business or organization. When working with neurodivergent employees, clear communication is also vital to their individual success. Therefore, be explicit and straightforward in all your communication. Since information can be interpreted differently, provide clear and consistent instructions and expectations.  

It is also important to learn what communication style is most effective depending on the individual. Some prefer detailed emails, while others may require a face-to-face meeting. Learning the best mode of communication will reduce the chances of misunderstanding and frustration for everyone. 

“Employers need to ensure consistency of managerial support for neurodiverse employees and ensure that they provide managers with clear guidance and a protocol for doing so, to avoid a scenario in which there are huge disparities in management styles.”


Embrace flexibility 

The ways in which people work have changed dramatically over the last few years. From flexible work schedules to remote work options, there are a variety of ways employers can support their neurodivergent workers. Be open to making appropriate changes. In doing so, you provide neurodivergent employees the opportunity to excel in their own environment and manage energy levels and workloads appropriately. 

Educate staff and management 

Providing training sessions and courses for employees is crucial to creating an inclusive and understanding workplace. Prioritize educating your employees and management about neurodiversity, which will help foster awareness and reduce common stereotypes and misconceptions. 

 At Candor Diversity Group, we acknowledge that there is an enormous knowledge gap in neurodiversity awareness and accommodation training within the workforce. This led us to develop a fully customized system to enrich the lives of neurodivergent individuals in the workforce while also understanding that businesses require an overall financial return. 

Building a workplace that respects and accommodates neurodiversity allows every employee the opportunity to contribute their unique strengths to your business or organization. If you would like to learn more about our Neurodivergent Education Training, we would love to hear from you. 

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