May 22, 2024 | Neurodiversity

Graduation Gift Guide for Neurodiverse Students


June is graduation time, and we have the ultimate gift list for the neurodiverse graduate in your life!  

Sensory Items  

One can never have too many sensory items, so these are a great choice for a graduation gift. Consider items that offer sensory stimulation or relaxation. Some of our favourites that appeal to young adults include Stimara (use our code to get free shipping!), Calm Strips, Speks, and fidget rings.  

Fidget rings can be personalized depending on individual preference and style and are an excellent keepsake. Sensory items can be comforting and helpful for managing stress and anxiety. 

Bluetooth headband  

For many neurodiverse individuals, sleeping can be a challenge. We absolutely love this MUSICOZY-Bluetooth-Headband. It is comfortable and lightweight and allows you to listen to your favourite music or white noise as you drift off to dreamland.  

Additionally, sleep masks help block out any unwanted light, allowing you to sleep anytime, day or night, whether at home or travelling. Sleep masks are a fantastic gift to help students ready to head off to university. Give the gift of quality rest. 

Quality earplugs 

We love our Loop Earplugs! With a variety of options, these earplugs are a necessity for many neurodiverse individuals, and we don’t leave home without them! They are comfortable, easy to use, discreet, and come in a plethora of colours so you are sure to find the perfect ones for the special graduate in your life. Plus, you can get 15% off your order when using this link to shop.  

Organizational tools 

Help your graduate stay organized with a variety of options that could include day planners, calendars, or Tile Bluetooth trackers (for those misplaced items!). Planning and organizational gifts can be beneficial to help stay on top of assignments and deadlines.

We love Imperfect Inspiration, which is ND woman owned, and the team is ND as well. Offering a variety of options to work with each individual brain, there is something for everyone! The reuseable sheets are great if someone is trying to reduce their paper usage, or if putting pen to a fresh sheet of paper is overwhelming. Plus, for the bound items, you can choose from left or right-handed orientations. This is our top choice, but there are many out on the market.

Consider looking for options that are customizable so that they can be suited to meet individual needs and preferences. 

Gift cards 

Sometimes providing the freedom to choose is the best gift. Consider your graduate’s hobbies, interests, and needs and wrap a gift card to a bookstore, electronics store or online store and allow them to choose what they would like. Visa gift cards can be used at most locations, or an Apple Gift Card is great for purchasing apps, movies, games, or music. 

Therapeutic treats 

Who doesn’t love the gift of some rest and relaxation? Stress-relief colouring books (Amazon has some great choices), aromatherapy diffusers or essential oil sets, bath or shower baskets offer a little self-care treatment. Be sure to check with your graduate and select scents carefully for those who have sensitivity or aversions to strong smells. 

The best gift you can give is one that shows time, care, understanding, and thoughtfulness toward the individual. We hope we have helped inspire some ideas for your unique graduate! 

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