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Get Better Sleep with these Helpful Items


We have spoken previously about nighttime anxiety, and offered some tips to help conquer those late-night feelings. Whether you struggle with the “midnight scaries” or could just use a better night’s rest, we will offer some items that can help improve your sleep quality.  

According to the American Psychiatric Association, sleep difficulties can contribute to and intensify mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. Lack of sleep causes cortisol to increase and, in turn, increase anxiety.  

Sleep deprivation can seep into many aspects of your life, so it is important to set yourself up for a successful night’s rest. This means developing good sleep hygiene and managing your daytime stress appropriately.  

To help you achieve the sleep your mind and body needs, we have put together a list of things that might help you drift off to dreamland.  

White noise machine 

Often having the sound of white noise helps focus our thoughts and attention away from other things that are bouncing around our brains as we try to fall asleep. White noise is a combination of several sounds at different frequencies that are audible to the human ear. White noise helps people get to sleep, and to stay asleep. White noise assists in blocking out sounds like cars, dogs barking, or other people in the home that can disrupt your sleep.  

“It creates a buffer between outside noise and your eardrums so you can keep snoozing peacefully, despite what’s going on around you.”


Bluetooth headband 

A great addition to your sleep routine is something like the MUSICOZY-Bluetooth-Headband. This is a perfect item to slip on and turn on your favourite music or white noise as you relax your mind and body and welcome sleep. The best part is that it is comfortable and lightweight, which is perfect for side sleepers! Additionally, the sleep mask will help block out any unwanted light, allowing you to sleep at all times of the day, whether at home or travelling.  

Contoured blindfold 

If you prefer to sleep without sound, our favorite mask is this 3D blackout eye mask: Contoured-Blindfold. It has contoured eye pockets so your lashes don’t touch the material, and flexes around the nose nicely to fully black out light. Even better? It stays nicely in place throughout the night, even with a bit of tossing and turning. Everyone we have gifted this mask to comes back and asks where they can buy it, so they can pass it on to someone they know. 

While these two masks have slightly different uses, both are fantastic! 

Weighted blanket 

Weighted blankets are an excellent tool with many benefits. Weighted blankets use deep pressure stimulation, which helps stimulate serotonin, reduce cortisol (stress hormone), and increase melatonin (sleep hormone), to help improve your overall sleep. Additionally, they may reduce stress and anxiety, provide comfort and security, and calm your nervous system. 

Honourary mentions: 

  • Loop Earplugs: Loops just released the Quiet 2, an update of the previous version. The Quiet loops are comfortable for wearing all night and are designed to nestle inside the ear, so they stay put even for side sleepers or those who toss and turn. We don’t travel anywhere without them! Get 15% off your order when using this link to shop. Discounts are added in cart.
  • Knee/leg pillow 
  • Sunrise alarm clock 
  • Comfortable pillow and sheets 
  • Good quality mattress 

Your sleep can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life. Be sure to prioritize a good night’s rest so that you can give, and feel, your best throughout the waking hours.  

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