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Claims aren’t just about physical injuries anymore.

Physical and mental health claims related to workplace stressors and lack of neurodivergent (ND) employee accommodations are becoming more common every year.

Candor Diversity Group has developed a customizable program to improve the lives of employees while keeping a businesses ROI top of mind.

Support your company and team with dedicated expertise

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We ensure WCB is kept on track, your employee claims are supported, time loss days are minimized, and your premiums stay low.

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Make smarter business decisions with Neurodivergent Education Training for Employers.

Challenges you might be facing

Shortage of experienced employees

With the boom and bust cycles common in Western Canada, it can be very difficult to find and retain the best staff. This often leads to new employees being quickly onboarded and placed on a job and we often see an increase in incidental injuries in times like these.

While Candor Diversity Group can support those employees once injured, we have also formed valuable partnerships with experienced health and safety professionals who can help supplement your team when it’s growing faster than expected.

How a disability management company can work for you

Keeping up with legal changes

With thousands of pages of WCB legislation per province that are constantly updated, it’s difficult to stay current. Luckily for you, it’s what we do.

Our certified disability consultants keep on top of provincial WCB regulations across Canada, ensuring our clients get the facts.

Making accommodations for neurodivergent employees

Insufficient accommodations

70% of neurodivergent employees experience mental health issues, yet 90% of organizations haven’t actively embraced neurodiversity in the workplace.

This led us to develop a customizable program to enrich the lives of neurodivergent employees while also being conscious of businesses requiring a return on investment.

Lack of internal resources

Professional WCB claims management takes years of experience and training to learn, and companies often do not have that person on staff, or that senior member is being pulled in many different directions. Yet, the time and knowledge to deal with these issues as they arise falls to someone, and that someone may be you. Let us sort out the paperwork, communicate with WCB, and get your employees support and back to work!

Address your business’ return to work program with Candor Diversity Group

“Small employers report higher direct disability and absence costs as a percentage of payroll than medium or large organizations.”

(Watson Wyatt, 2000)

Physical and mental disabilities are now some of the foremost sources of complaints to provincial human rights commissions.

Working with experienced disability management consultants, you can expect to learn what your options are, what you need to do, and how best to handle each claim to diminish rising costs.

With each claim and loss of work, you are accruing indirect costs, such as:


decreased productivity and engagement


employee absences




additional salaries or overtime


decline in customer happiness


legal expenses

WCB claims aren’t just about physical injuries. Employers need to factor in employee’s mental health, work relationships and personal concerns.

WCB claims management doesn’t have a magic “fix it” button – our goal is to lay out the options, evaluate the pros and cons, and help you pick the best course of action for your business.

Our team has over 10 years of experience digging into various barriers and helping clients overcome them. Remember, one of the biggest predictors of claim success is not what type of disability a person has, but rather who is the person with that disability.

Learn what mental health is and how to approach it in the workplace