May 8, 2024 | Neurodiversity

Goblin.Tools: A Helpful Resource for Neurodiverse Individuals


At Candor Diversity Group, we love to share tools and tips and tricks that make our own lives easier. In sharing what works for us, we hope that you might find some helpful resources that do the same for you. In this post we will discuss one of our recent favourite apps,, and how it might be able to help with day-to-day life, both personally and professionally. 

What is is a free website features a variety of different ways it can assist you as you navigate your day. features a “collection of small, simple, single-task tools, mostly designed to help neurodivergent people with tasks that they find overwhelming or difficult. Most tools will use AI technologies in the back-end to achieve their goals. Currently this includes OpenAI’s models.”  

Let’s break down the different tools you can use: 

Magic To Do 

Magic To Do is a game-changer for neurodivergent individuals who struggle with managing tasks. Type in the task that you need help with and, with the press of a button, Magic To Do will automatically generate a list of steps required to accomplish your task (with check boxes to click as you complete each task). 

You can also choose the “spiciness” level of the task, indicating how challenging or stressful you find the task. The spicier it is, the more steps it will offer. Magic To Do is useful to break down big tasks into manageable steps, and we love the check boxes, which add little hits of dopamine along the way.  


How often do you struggle with ensuring your message is received appropriately? Rather than staring at your phone or computer screen, waiting to hit send, let the Formalizer help you! Use this handy tool by inputting text into the designated box to generate different rephrasing options.  

Choose from the drop-down menu, which offers choices like “more professional,” “less snarky,” “more formal,” and the Formalizer will generate text that keeps the overall content but changes the writing style. This way, you can ease your mind with the knowledge that your message didn’t come off as impolite, unprofessional, or too sarcastic.  

You can also use the spiciness setting, which will let the tool know how much of the text you want rewritten in that specific style.  

The Judge 

Do you ever receive a message, and can’t figure out the tone or meaning behind the words you just read? In a technologically driven world, it can be challenging to interpret each message. The Judge is an excellent tool to help decipher communication by attempting to determine the emotional content of the text. While it isn’t an exact science, it can be helpful when you are left unsure or confused by a message you receive. 


Use’ task time estimator by simply input the task you need to do, and Estimator will offer an idea of how long it will take to complete the task. You can choose the spiciness level, which will factor in how challenging you might find the task, like difficulties concentrating or barriers that can add time to a task. 


Wondering what to do with all those thoughts swimming laps in your brain?’ Compiler allows you to ramble on as much as you like, and it will help organize your thoughts into actionable items. Once it has compiled the list for you, you can send it over to the Magic To Do list! 

The Chef 

How much time do you spend staring into your refrigerator or pantry, wondering what to make? Enter The Chef! When you have a variety of ingredients, but no clue what to use them for, simply add the items you have in your fridge or pantry, including any dietary restrictions or allergies. The Chef will come up with meal ideas for you based on the ingredients you have on hand. The more ingredients you include, the more elaborate the dish will become.  

You can even include the equipment you have, your cooking abilities, or any other helpful tips for The Chef. It also has voice-to-text so you can stand in the pantry or with the fridge open and read off what you’ve got.  

We think is a great resource for Neurodiverse individuals, and a game changer to help defeat overwhelm or task paralysis. We hope you give it a try and find it as useful as we do! 

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