Oct 11, 2023 | Mental Health

Technology to help with ADHD.

Technology to Help with ADHD


Last week, we recommended apps to help with mental health. This week, we are excited to share some more of our favourite technology with you. Advancements in tech are amazing, and offer incredible support, especially for those aimed around ADHD functionality. Individuals living with ADHD may struggle with time management, organization, completing tasks or paying attention to details. This is where apps and other programs can help people stay organized, reach goals, and avoid distraction. 

Today, let’s chat about some of the top technology to help with ADHD. 

Tile products and app 

Find and keep track of your things with Tile products and the accompanying app. From your keys to your phone, Tile products are a game changer for those who tend to be forgetful! For example, it will let you know if you’ve left home without any of your designated tiles, such as your wallet. You can also use your phone to ring tiles or use a tile to ring your phone. The Tile products and app come to the rescue when you can’t find the things you need and use most! We think it’s worth every penny, as it also offers peace of mind knowing you can keep track of the things you are most likely to lose. 


Using both a personal, and shared calendar helps keep you, and your family, organized! Life is busy, and it is easy to lose track of what is on the horizon. With a shared, and personal, calendar you can keep track of both your induvial appointments, places to be, as well as shared events that are needed to be attended together. You can also include activities for your children, ensuring that everyone in the family is aware of where they need to be, and when! From the ease of your phone, keeping track of everyone has never been easier. 

Google Keep 

Using shared digital notes, such as Google Keep is another excellent tool to help stay organized and keep track of important to dos! Do you need to share the shopping list with your significant other? It’s easy to do with Google Keep. You can also organize, filter, and search your notes by colour or other attributes like lists with images, or audio notes, making finding what you need even faster. With Google Keep on your phone, tablet, or computer, you can sync your notes across all of your devices, ensuring your notes go everywhere with you. 

Google Drive 

Google Drive helps with sharing and accessing documents! Stored in the cloud, users can store and access files, and photos across all devices including mobile devices, tablets, and PC’s. This way, all your important work is kept safely in once place, giving you peace of mind that everything is stored appropriately. 

Every person’s experience with ADHD is different, and your needs are likely to change as well. One of the best parts about technology is that is constantly evolving and changing as well. No matter what you need, there is more than likely an app for that! 

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