Jun 21, 2023 | Mental Health

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Hello Summer! Tips for your Mental Health


Happy first day of summer! If you have been following our blog, you understand the importance of mental health advocacy during all seasons. However, today, we would like to discuss some tips to help you prioritize your mental health during the summer. 

Stick with a routine 

Throughout the summer months, you may find your schedules more flexible, or jam packed with activities and social gatherings. Whatever your social calendar looks like, it is important for your mental health to maintain a healthy routine. Have a consistent sleep schedule, ensure you are eating and fueling your body regularly, and establish the daily routines that make you feel your best.  

Enjoy the outdoors 

Your mental health is connected to the weather as well as with physical activity. Therefore, during the summer months, take advantage of the nicer weather, and enjoy time spent outdoors. Whether that be walking, hiking, reading in the park, or packing a picnic lunch for your family, increased exposure to sunlight does wonders for improving your mood, and increases Vitamin D levels.

Be sure to dress appropriately as the temperature rises, and always remember to apply sunscreen. 

Keep your health on track 

During the warmer months, it is important to stay hydrated! Proper hydration, as well as nutrition can do wonders for our mental health (although ice cream can have positive benefits as well!). So, be sure to fill up your water bottle, and keep your body hydrated. Include fresh fruits that we don’t get to enjoy throughout the long winter, as well as whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats.  

Balance is key, so be sure to delight yourself with your favourite treats as well! 

Be sure to stay hydrated during the warmer months!

Stay connected 

For those who struggle with mental health, isolation and spending time alone can be a security blanket, and where we feel most at ease. However, this can also have adverse effects on mental health. Do your best to stay connected with friends and family. Whether it be going for lunch on a patio, or a virtual hangout, staying connected during the summer is a great way to reduce the feelings of loneliness. 

Be realistic 

While summer can be a fun filled time for many, it can also come with high expectations such as vacations, social gatherings, and overall productivity. It is important to prioritize what is most significant to you, and what you want to achieve this summer. Be realistic in your expectations for yourself, and allow opportunities to rest, relax, and recharge.  

Social media detox 

Social media can have a significant impact on our mental health, even without realizing. It is difficult not to compare yourself to what others are doing. If you need to unfollow certain people or accounts for the sake of your mental health, we encourage you to do so. Find accounts that make you feel encouraged and inspired. Plus, summer is a great time to consider a social media detox if you feel like seeing perfectly curated images is triggering to your well-being. 

Your mental health is important…no matter the season! However, we hope these tips have helped you determine what you wish to accomplish most this season, while prioritizing your well being. No matter what your summer looks like, we hope it is one filled with memorable moments, rest and relaxation, and a healthy mind! 

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